Internship seeker 2012-2014 - Post-graduate program "Environmental and Sustainable Cities and constructions" (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien - University of Studies of Cagliari, Engineering Department) Humanities Studies Cagliari on

Architectural design Building engineer Sustainable architecture Interior design Art and culture

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Date of last connection: 2015-01-21
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Miss Ex... Si...
09048 Sinnai

Prepared job(s): : Building Engineer/Architect


School: Humanities Studies 09100 Cagliari

Education level: 2012-2014 - Post-graduate program "Environmental and Sustainable Cities and constructions" (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien - University of Studies of Cagliari, Engineering Department) 2nd year
2012-2014 - Post-graduate program "Environmental and Sustainable Cities and constructions" (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien - University of Studies of Cagliari, Engineering Department)
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +9
Last diploma : 2002-2011 - Magistral Doctor in Architecture and Building Engineering. (University of Studies of Cagliari, Engineering Department)
Current educational level : +11
Prepared job(s): : Building Engineer/Architect

Duration of the internship: 3 months
Beginning of the internship:
2013-04-01 2013-06-30
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Disk Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS Software: Word, Exel, Power Point, Publisher. Autocad, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Archicad, Artlantis, Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop e Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premiere. Basis of Ecotect, Geco, Vasari, Revit. Languages: Italian mother tongue; English B2; French beginning

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
English : Intermediate
French : Basic

Cover letter

I am an italian architectural engineer and I have just
finished a Postgraduate master's degree II level in “Environmental and Sustainable Cities
and Constructions
”, done at the DieAngewandte of Wien and the University of
Cagliari, during which I did an internship at Christian Kronaus Office in Wien.
Earlier I did an internship in Rome at Luciano Cupelloni Studio in 2012 and I
graduated in Architecture and Building Engineering in 2011, in Cagliari.

Now I want to move from Italy because I would like to have new opportunities to
improve my architecture and design skills, to work on different range of
projects and to collaborate within new environments e new people.

I am interested in architectural design focused in sustainability and I would
like to develop my knowledge in use of traditional techniques and materials
combined with innovative methods, also applied in interiors and in product

During my training I have always been interested in doing other activities,
both working (waitress, archivist, press officer, recetptionist, conference
hostess, shop assistant) and cultural (editing of a book, organizator and
speaker of conferences, secretary of cultural associations, course of creative
dressmaker, coordinator of artigianal expositions and theatre spectacles,
dancer, chorister, etc...). These activities have been important to achieve good
interpersonal skills and ability to adapt in different organizational contexts
and relationships.

I am a creative and enterprising person, with a good-tempered character. I am a
motivated person with passion, curiosity, energy and willing to learn. At work
I am able to collaborate within a team and I have good ability to complete
tasks with accuracy and with strong attention to details.

I am expert in Microsoft Windows applications and I can work in Mac OS ambient.
I am able to use the software for architecture 2d-3d, render, photo-retouch,
graphic design, writing, video, presentations.



2012-2014 - Master’s degree, II level: Environmental and Sustainable Cities and
constructions. Power Plant Sardinia.

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien - University of Studies of Cagliari,
Engineering Department.

2002-2011 - Magistral Doctor in Architecture and Building Engineering
(4/S-Architecture and Costruction Engineering Class of Degree). University of
Studies of Cagliari, Engineering Department.

1997-2002 - High school diploma (humanities studies) at Liceo Liceo Classico
G.M.Dettori of Cagliari.


2013 - Intern at Architekt Dr. Kronaus, Vienna (Austria),

2012 - Intern at Luciano Cupelloni Architettura, Roma,

2008-2013 - Waitress for restaurant and catering service (wedding, gala dinner,
banquet) - occasional work

2010 - Operator at the Press Office of University of Studies of Cagliari

2009 - Receptionist at the Hall of Residence of the E.R.S.U of Cagliari

2006-2010 - Conference hostess and shop assistant - occasional work

2004-2006 - Summer as waitress for restaurant and room service at “Forte
Village Resort Hotel”


2014 - “Case Padronali e Museali della Provincia di Cagliari - volume secondo”,
AAVV, Scuola Sarda Editrice, Cagliari, 2014, with Associazione Culturale ONLUS


2012 - English course of 50 hours, level Approach to C1

2011 - Course of Creative Dressmaker

2009 - International Workshop Citymovie II. Analysis of urban space with the cinecamera. Facoltà di Architettura di
Cagliari - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Toulouse.

2007 - Course Practice of Fine Arts – basics of drawing and painting,
with Màrta Kràmli and Pàl Nèmeth of Universtity of Pecs, at Architecture
Faculty of Cagliari

2004 - Course of F&B Food and Beverage (Hotel Technic, Business Philosophy
F&B, Wine Cellar, Banqueting, Stewarding, Cost Control, Cocktail and Coffee
Breaks, Room Service)


Italian-Mother tongue

English-B2 level



Microsoft Windows, Mac OS.

Autocad, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Archicad, Artlantis, Adobe Photoshop e Adobe
Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Word, Exel, Power Point,

Basis of Ecotect, Geco, Vasari, Revit

Feel for learning new softwares.


Ability in digital design 2d-3d and freehand drawing of plans, elevations,
sections, construction details, study of architectural form, creation of
architectural models, graphics.

Aptitude to research, to the study of architecture and the drafting of
architectural topics


Good skills in learning, adaptation, self-organization of work, collaboration
within a team and diligence for completing the works with good results, gained
during the experiences of internship and of different works not related to the
course of study


Good adaptability and openness in multicultural environments and ability to
listen to other people with faith and good temper, gained over many years of
cultural exchange within the “Folk Group Sinnai”, the Cultural Association
“Afrodite” of Cagliari, and during the recent period of internship and study in


From 2011 - Course of Argentine Tango

From 2012 - Member of the Cultural Association ONLUS “Afrodite” which organizes
seminars, conferences, courses, workshops, publications, research

2003-2006 - Member of the Cultural Association ONLUS “Gruppo 2000” of Sinnai as
Secretary. Works performed: the musical “Accendiamo la lampada” put on stage in
2004 (coordinator, dancer, actress); “Wood House Family choir & band”
(chorister, dancer, coordinator)

1994-2007 - Member of “Gruppo Folk Sinnai”, (traditional sardinian music,
dances, costumes) as Secretary and dancer. Works performed: the “Local fair of
traditional baskets of Sinnai”(annual exposition); exhibitions and cultural
exchanges in Sardinia (“Sagra di Sant’Efisio of Cagliari, “Sagra del Redentore”
of Nuoro, “Cavalcata Sarda” of Sassari), in Italy (Sicilia, Abruzzo, Lombardia,
Molise) and abroad (Kavala, Filippi, Keramoti-Greece; Geneva-Switzerland)


Driver’s license B

Available to move from my place of residences to different geographical zones
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• Stagiaire pour Architectural design Building engineer Sustainable architecture Interior design Art and culture

School: Humanities Studies Cagliari 09100 2012-2014 - Post-graduate program "Environmental and Sustainable Cities and constructions" (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien - University of Studies of Cagliari, Engineering Department) Building Engineer/Architect

(09048 Sinnai It )

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